Family Take Home Vacation Bible School - August 2020

Aliens: Called to Be Different
Are your kids WEIRD enough? And not just your own kids, but the kids in our church? Are they weird? This isn't a trick question, because the more like Jesus they become, the more weird they WILL get... The choices they make... The values they have... The friends they choose... The way they spend their time and money... They aren't supposed to be like the world. They're called to be different - set apart, holy. The Bible calls it "living as strangers and aliens on earth." (1 Peter 2:11)

To help challenge our kids to obey God no matter how bizarre it may seem, we're offering a 5-week series Aliens: Called to Be Different. This will be VBS in "take home" format. We'll provide the lessons and some of the activity supplies and you can have FAMILY VBS at home on your own schedule.