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Our Program

We use a thematic-based curriculum. Each month, we learn about a new theme, and our art projects, stories, science experiments, and classroom centers all help us explore the topic we’re learning about. 

Center-Based Classrooms 
Our classrooms are divided into centers that offer different activities that tie into what we’re learning about. Our classrooms and daily routine include a balance of both directed and free play in the following areas: 
  • Dramatic Play 
  • Math and Science 
  • Language and Pre-Reading Skills 
  • Jesus Time 
  • Music 
  • Art 
  • Large and Fine Motor Skills 
  • Independent Living and Social Skills 
Jesus Time
Jesus Time is age appropriate for 3-5 year olds, and involves 2 main parts: 
  1. Introducing a new Bible story each week. We use a variety of ways to tell Bible stories including, telling it verbally, using puppets, acting it out as a large group, and reading it from a children’s Bible.
  2. Prayer: God loves us and wants us to love him too! He encourages us to talk to Him whenever we’re thankful, scared, confused, excited, or sorry about any part of our day! At preschool, we practice identifying things to be thankful for or pray about. We also pray before we eat, and learn the Lord’s Prayer. 
What we want preschoolers to learn through Jesus TIme:
  • The Bible is the true word of God. 
  • God loves each of us, and takes care of us at all times. 
  • God sent His son, Jesus, to die on the cross and come alive again to pay the price for our sins (mistakes and bad choices). Because we believe this, we will live in Heaven with Him when we die. 
  • Our job is to tell other people about God’s love for us, and be kind to others. 
  • God loves it when we talk to Him! We practice identifying things we’re thankful for, and things we want to ask God to help us with. 
Personal and Social Devleopment
A huge part of preschool is learning how to take care of myself and interact with others. What do I do if I want the toy you’re playing with? Or I’m mad because my zipper won’t zip? Or I need to tell you something, but you’re talking to someone else right now? What if I’m worried no one is coming back to get me? In addition to academics, every day at preschool, we are working on developing a healthy self-esteem, self-regulating our behaviors, and being kind to the people around us.