A message from the Pastor:

Being in Christ-The Red Letter Challenge

On Tuesday of this week our daily reading reminded us to be praising God for his blessing. We had a huge portion of scripture included from Psalm 96. During the time of Jesus the Jews would have known these passages much like many of us know our liturgy from heart. Many also knew these passages like we now know our modern day hymns. Of course the words of the Psalms are more than mere man’s words in print; they are God’s words.

Today, on the first Wednesday in Lent we read from the Red Letter Challenge that we are to seek a quiet space to be in prayer with Jesus. Last spring we found a few hyacinth plants. We brought them home and enjoyed them as they finished blooming. Life got busy and so the pots were brought into our warm basement instead of being buried in the ground in the fall. A few weeks ago we found that the plants were actually beginning to grow.

We were baffled since they were not in the window sill and no one had watered them. We began to water them and give them additional sunlight in the window sill. Today, they have been moved from the basement to the first floor windowsill for all to admire. They now show their light purple color and give off a fragrant scent in our house.

Many plants in Minnesota go into dormancy in the fall at the onset of winter. They rest from their labors only to rise out the ground in the spring to be a showpiece in our yards. We need to take a lesson from nature and Jesus. There are times of immense productivity and then there are times of rest, reflection, and prayer. Jesus preached, feed, and healed the crowds and afterward left to find a solitary place to pray with God for strength. “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest” (Mark 6:31). Let us learn to grow in Jesus; together.

In Christ, 

Pastor Gueldner