A message from the Pastor:

Once again the seasons roll on. Once again we celebrate the month of November and all its busyness. I’m sure your calendar is filling up. In all of this we are reminded to remember our neighbor.

In September we started out by sharing our resources of time, energy, and monies that God has blessed us with. In October we took the next jump by going outside our four walls and sponsoring the Oktoberfest on the parking lot. Before the end of October we used our feet, hands, and bodies to pack food for Sheridan’s Story. Several of us were involved with traveling to Concordia University for a large Reformation service where we celebrated with fellow Lutherans our heritage.

Now, as November approaches we are challenged once again to think about our neighbor. President Harrison in his homily at the Reformation service reminded us of the reason we as Lutheran do what we do.

We are sinners one and all. On our own we cannot free ourselves from our sin. Our sin blocks us from being in the presence of the Lord. With great love on God’s part he came to our rescue. God came to us in the form of a man Christ Jesus our Lord.  In his mercy God provided a way for us to be redeemed. Jesus died on the cross to take away our sin and find us righteous once again in God’s sight. By his resurrection to new life we too receive new life by faith in him.

To remind us of our sin and the gift of salvation that is offered to us God gave us his eternal word. On the night when he was betrayed Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper. Now this meal is like no other. Jesus comes to us bringing forgiveness in the eating and drinking. By the word of God your sins are forgiven.

What does that mean to us in November? With the love that we are loved by God we are to forgive our neighbor. With the love we are shown we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. With the love we have been granted we are to look after the spiritual and physical needs of our neighbor.

You ask, how can I help my neighbor? Do you have leaves on the ground yet? Why not ask the neighbor if you can collect theirs too? Do you have extra space at your Thanksgiving table? Why not ask someone who might not have family or means to celebrate on that day. You’d be surprised by someone’s life story. Invite a family to church with you. What other daily tasks that you do could be shared with a neighbor?

I look forward to hearing how you have reached out to help your neighbor during the month of Neighborly November.


In Christ,