A message from the Pastor:

Nicaragua 2019 Mission Exploration Trip

I, along with several local pastors and lay leaders, will be taking a trip to Nicaragua to explore how we can help them expand their ministry while also giving us an opportunity as a congregation to share and learn about a new culture.

I have chosen Principal Brett Hardekopf from St. John Elk River to accompany me as a lay person. Our plan is to look for an opportunity whereby we can possibly expand any educational needs they might have. Because we are a smaller congregation I felt we couldn’t go alone. Brett and St. John will be working together with King of Glory. He has already garnered some support and excitement from his students. This has worked very well when two churches can share the joys and burdens together.

Our hope after returning is to tell you the story. Our future plans are then to begin preparing for the next year’s mission trip and others in the future. I will need your support and love gifts so that a team of leaders can be sent back to Nicaragua to begin the work that will be set before us.

What can you do for me and the Nicaragua team right now? First, and foremost we need your prayers. To embark on a trip like this there are many challenges. The individual team members need to make sure their immunizations are up to date. Everyone needs to secure a legal and current U.S. Passport.

Our first hurdle came after we booked our tickets on American Airlines in July. We were notified that with the grounding of the Boeing Max Jets our planes were being rerouted. Instead of flying directly to Managua on October 22, we will be flying to Miami staying overnight and then leaving for Managua on the 23rd.

This is where you as a member of King of Glory are needed. We need to blanket this whole trip with our prayers. I will be leaving From Monticello by ground transportation/airport shuttle. We will board the plane at MSP International. We will be flying directly to Miami. I and the team from the Minnesota South District will need your prayers throughout this whole process.

The next day we will be flying from Miami to Managua. Once again we will be on ground transport and commercial jets. We will then have to pass through customs in Nicaragua. We will again be using ground transport to arrive at our destination in Chinandega. It is about a three hour journey. Again I need you to cover us in prayer.

If you follow the map of Nicaragua we will be making our way to Jueves on Thursday October 24th.

We will then make our way to Viernes on October 25th.

Saturday the 26th we will be heading to Sabado

On Sunday morning the 27th while you are finishing the church service we begin worshipping at 10 AM central time as well in Domingo. Please flood us with your prayers as well. Since it is Sunday we will be free to enjoy a siesta after lunch. No Vikings football for the team.

On Monday we will make our next voyage to Lunes to meet with President Marvin and the Director of the mission Roberto Jose Zepeda. We may have an opportunity to visit some offshore islands as we make our way back towards Managua.

Tuesday will be our last official day in Nicaragua. We will have an opportunity to visit the town of Leon where we can pick up a few souvenirs. We will have some time to spend on the beach for a few hours. We will begin processing those needs of our local church leaders and how we can help them without creating a dependency model but a teamwork model.

Wednesday Morning we will exit from our hotel and make our way to the airport for our flight back to Minnesota. Our flight is scheduled to leave at 12:20 PM.

My goal is to take other members of King of Glory to the evolving mission field in the near future. We know from the Bible that Paul and Barnabas and Paul and Silas went on four such missionary journeys to expand the Gospel from Jerusalem and the Middle East into Asia Minor. Paul helped begin churches with lay leaders and then came back to encourage them years later. We have a treasure trove of those mission experiences we call the New Testament Epistles.

Did everyone get to go on a mission trip no. But all the believers went with Paul with their prayers and their gifts and love offerings. Paul remembers those people many times at the beginning or end of these Epistles. We can still do the same today.

Will you be the one who volunteers to go next year? Will you be the one who sets aside some of your Godly increase so that others might hear the Gospel? Will you be the one who covers our trip in prayers and begins praying for a successful trip next year? To God be the Glory.

In Christ,

Pastor Gueldner