ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION is AUGUST 18!  Our 50th Anniversary Service will be at 1:30 pm (NO morning service) with MN South District President Rev. Dr. Lucas Woodford preaching.  We will have a meal at 3:00 pm.  You can also enjoy live music throughout the afternoon.  We need a head count for the meal.  Please RSVP to the church office either by phone or email, by Thursday, August 8.

50th ANNIVERSARY DONATION—We are about 6 weeks out from our celebration on August 18.  Please use the envelope provided on the welcome table to prayerfully consider a donation to offset the cost of our 50th Anniversary Celebration.  Thank you to all that have donated so far!  We have about $2000 of the $3500 budgeted for the celebration.  We’re getting closer!

ALTAR FLOWERS—Do you have a special occasion that you could provide flowers, such as an anniversary, birthday, or a day to remember a loved one the Lord has called home?  There is a flower chart on the wall between the coat room and the narthex.  There are plenty of open Sundays in August!  Please indicate your occasion or let the church secretary know by the Wednesday before for the bulletin.  You can bring them to church on Sunday, or have them delivered, just make sure someone will be in the office to receive them. 

"You Have No Right to Be Angry"
Guest Speaker: Rev. David Haberstock
Anger belongs to God, it is not yours. When we feel angry we should be prompted to pray.
(Matthew 5:17-26)

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10:00 am-This is the Life episode, “Spite,” negative emotions and grudges are destructive, but forgiveness allows people to move forward.

10:30 am-Rev. James Groleau, pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Austin, MN. His message, “Prayer is a Gift from God,” will be based on Luke 11:1-13.

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